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Fun for the Sick Child

A child loves to play, even if he is in the sick bed. You can still have fun with him. From this article you will find the games that a child can play while lying in sick bed. When your youngsters is sick, whether he is recovering from a case of sniffles or convalescing from a more serious ailment, remember that play is as important for him while he is in bed as when he is well. According to the doctors, a child who is happily occupied recovers much faster than a child who is irked with having to stay in bed.

From a mother's standpoint we all know that a happy child is much easier to care for than an irritable one. If the youngster has something to do he wont be constantly calling for mother, and neither will he be wearing himself out with threshing about. While doctors urge us to keep these convalescing youngsters happily busy they do not tell us how to do it. However, there are many excellent play materials right at hand in almost every home that can be put to use to keep Junior happy although in bed.

Before launching into any play activity for your sick youngster keep in mind certain basic principles. Because a sick child tires very easily it is better to give him too little to do rather than too much. A bed cluttered with toys is very confusing to the sick so it is better to give him only one thing at a time to do. An excellent way of handling play material for the convalescent is to have a number of trays. For instance, a child might think he'd like to work on a puzzle.

Then find after putting a piece or two together that he is tired. The tray can be set aside without disturbing the puzzle and can be given to him at another time to work on when he is rested. Pick the type of play you give your child so that it will be within his strength and ability to handle.

Nothing must be too exacting, for ill children seldom care to exert themselves. Do not start any play activities until the youngster has had his morning bath and whatever attention he needs. If possible, it is wise to move the child to another bed for the day. Even a very young child will appreciate a change of scenery and surroundings.

And incidentally it encourages better sleep if his night bed is not his daytime playground. After the young invalid is all set for the day produce a magic hat. Father's old top hat will add a touch of magic, but any hat will do. Let the youngster draw one of the many slips you have prepared and put into the hat.

When he reads the slip he has drawn, or you read it for him, he will know what his first activity for the day will be. These slips can contain this type of information: "You may play with your puzzle; you may have the paper dolls; or you may play with the surprise box." There should be enough slips in the hat to cover all types of activity needed for a full day. These same slips can be put back into the hat for another day.

Try out only those games which are easy to play and need no active move. If possible, it is wise to move the child to another bed for the day.

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