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Marriages That Are Doomed To Fail

It's no secret that a high percentage of marriages are not successful. There are various reasons why these marriages fail some of them are obvious and some of them are not. In this article I will focus on certain types of marriages which is know for being unsuccessful, and I will tell you why these marriages fail.

Getting married to your partner because your parents want you to get married. This is a common occurrence in our society today sometimes a person's parents will try to choose the person who their child should or shouldn't get married to. This is a recipe for disaster because in many cases the person may not love the person whom their parents would like them to get married to but they may get married because they were forced into it by their parents.

Getting married just because your parents pressured you into it. Sometimes a person's partner may ask them to get married because they have been dating for a certain amount of time and they would like to make it official. However, if one person wants to get married and the other person does not and they end up getting married this marriage is likely to fail.

Getting married because of an accidental pregnancy. This is a common mistake that many couples make, they get married because they feel they are obligated to do so because of the baby. Many of these marriages are not successful because these people were not ready to get married, but they do not realize it until they start living the married life. Getting married to someone because they promise you a better life. An insecure person may promise their partner the world if they get married to them. These marriages tend to fail because the person will get married for financial gain not because they are in love.

Getting married because you believe you should get married at a certain age. There are certain people who will settle for someone they have absolutely no interest in just for the sake of getting married when they are at a certain age. This person will feel unfulfilled and they may even develop feelings of anger and resentment for getting married to someone they were not in love with. Getting married too young, there are many teenagers who believe they are in love and sometimes they will rush into marriage without understanding the type of commitment that is required to make a marriage work. These marriages will usually end when the teenagers realize how much of their freedom they have given up and they may feel as though they have not experienced as many things in life as they would like to. Marriage is a serious commitment all too often people will get married without taking the time to consider the type of commitment it takes to make a marriage successful.

Most of the marriages that do not withstand the test of time are the marriages where the people dated for less than 2 years before getting married.

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