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Radio Flyer From Wooden Cart to Retro Rocket

Radio Flyer toys such as the Radio Flyer Retro Rocket have been sparking imagination in young children for almost ninety years. Their innovative line of toys create the adventure that little ones crave. As times have changed, Radio Flyer has introduced new toys and new designs to meet the needs of every generation. The company began with their most famous toy, the wagon, and soon expanded the Liberty Line to include a tricycle and a scooter. By the early 1950s the company was manufacturing lawn carts in addition to the wide selection of wagons and ride-on toys.

Over the years, Radio Flyer's product line has grown to include outdoor furniture, rocking horses, and even rolling toy boxes. Radio Flyer's line of ride-on toys have always been popular with toddlers and small children. From old time favorites like the little red scooter to redesigned classics like the Retro Rocket, Radio Flyer makes a ride-on sure to create adventure for any child. The sleek design of the Retro Rocket is a big favorite with little astronauts looking for a space adventure. Little ones over ten months old can prepare for take off with the push of a button.

The realistic sounds of the Retro Rocket count down to blast off as vibrating movement simulates the toys launch into outer space. Toddlers can create hundreds of stories and adventures as they roll through space. The foot powered wheels will produce various space and astronaut sounds, letting little imaginations soar. With lights and sounds all around, the Radio Flyer Retro Rocket captivates small children. Upon take-off, the rockets after-burner glows with bright light.

With just a small push the wheels will roll, creating sounds of space to accompany the lights. The front nose of the Retro Rocket spins with a clicking sound. Radio Flyer knows that toddlers have special things that must be brought along on any adventure, so the rocket features a hidden storage compartment underneath the seat. The Retro Rocket is manufactured to meet the high standards and safety specifications placed on all of Radio Flyer's award winning toys.

Radio Flyer takes pride in producing toys that will last through generations of children. Each product is constructed of durable, sturdy materials including steel, wood, and thick plastic. Radio Flyer also uses exclusive technology to prevent toys from tipping and to decrease chances of finger injuries between moveable parts. Radio Flyer ride-on toys are available in several styles for children up to seven years old. Foot powered race cars and rockets are great for little ones who are not pedaling yet. Radio Flyer also carries pedal cars, tricycles, and foot powered scooters to aid in the imaginative journeys of children ready for a little more speed.

The line of ride-ons includes toys like the Speedy Pedal Car and the Little Red Roadster. For almost a century, Radio Flyer's fine products have been favorites of people everywhere, young and old alike. The company and its employees still follow the inspirational dreams of their founder, Antonio Pasin, to fuel imagination in every child.

Gary Clay is an expert on Americana in particular Radio Flyer and owner of UK Radio Flyer reatiler MonkeyShine

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