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Small Wander

Do you have small children who wander off? Have you ever experienced that feeling of panic when you believe your child is missing? Most parents have traveled this road, your heart is racing and you immediately think the worst. Approximately 2,100 missing-children reports are filed each day. To small children the world is a huge, exciting, fun filled playground, and with no reason to fear any of its inhabitants, boundaries are nonexistent.

For most children a parent, is the only wall between them and what lurks in the outside world. You love your children and want to them to have a safe and happy childhood, so of course you take every precaution to ensure their safety. The dangers are already numerous for small children and even greater for children who wander away from their parents. While children can wander off anywhere, some places present more of an opportunity than others do. Most kids are found within a few moments of wandering off but that does not stop the nerve racking feeling you get upon discovery that you child is gone.

The key to saving yourself from this nightmare maybe in your preventive measures. If you know your children are subject to wandering off you will want to keep a close eye on them, especially in public places. Handling children can be tricky at times. They may take advantage while your are engaged in other activities and make their escape.

As a parent you probably have already experienced the momentary absence of your child while shopping in one of the giant retail stores. If the child is small enough, a good way to alleviate the problem is to let them ride in the shopping cart. Its not an all purpose solution but it works sometimes. These stores are like giant playpens full of excitement, which may agitate the senses of some children and make freedom, even for a moment, worth the separation from parents. The small ones can travel at an amazing pace and given the right amount of time could end up just about anywhere. Movie theaters also provide an opportunity for the adventurous youngster to disappear.

They are often dark and unsecured, but many parents see no problem with allowing their children to roam free. This maybe an invitation to trouble. Public parks, with all their splendor, seem to be gathering places for parents with children who wander away. They are lots of fun and everyone should be encouraged to visit them, but they become your worst nightmare when your child is lost.

This peaceful sanctuary for animals and trees turns into a war zone with a myriad of dangers. Most children do not wander very far and are usually located in the general area. Fortunately the problem of wandering children is preventable with close supervision and a few precautions. Children are naturally curious and if given a chance will seek to satisfy their curiosity. Preventing children from wandering off can be as simple as holding their hand wherever you go.

You will find even the smallest children reluctant to follow this tradition. They will want to walk on their own at times. And you will want to encourage their independence, so this may not be a practical solution in every case. Luckily there are other ways to keep your child in the safe zone and allow independence. You can set boundaries for your children.

It is surprising how much your children will respect and follow boundaries when enforced by a parent. Always supervise your children in places like shopping malls and stores. Never under any circumstances send a small child to a public restroom alone, as the child may find more interesting places on the way. Even at home children are subject to wander way from safety.

Never under any circumstances leave small children unsupervised outside. Small children live for adventure and most everything around them is a new experience and given a chance they will wander.

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