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Wedding Favor Ideas

A wedding celebration just wouldn't be complete without giving the guests a wedding favor to take home so that they will remember the event. Giving your guests a bad favor choice would be worse than giving no favor at all. We have all been to weddings where we were given a wedding favor that we just didn't know what to do with. When you think of a bad favor choice, think of any favor that you, yourself, would immediately be tossed into the trash can.

If the wedding favor is one that you really wouldn't want to receive, don't give it to your wedding guests. Today, there are many, many wedding favors available that are unique, yet practical too. You want your guests to use or at least keep the wedding favors your give them.

Starting with that thought in mind, let's take a look at the many favor options available to choose from. Practical wedding favors are favors that your guests will definitely be able to use in their homes, offices, or even purses and cars. A great example of a favor that fits this category is a bottle stopper. Bottle stopper wedding favors are available in so many elegant styles and themes and can be used for wine, liquor or other bottles. Another great example of a practical wedding favor would be a coaster set. If the coaster set is neutral such as white or in a design that can be used at certain times of the year such as a fall design that can be used at Thanksgiving, you can be assured your guests will happily accept this gift.

Tape measures, bottle openers, key chains and bookmarks are all perfect examples of other practical wedding favor choices. Another popular choice to consider would be candle wedding favors. Of all the party favors available, candle favors has the most to offer in the way of colors, designs, themes, and styles.

This favor also can decorate the guest tables around the floral centerpiece adding another elegant dimension to the décor. Spring wedding? Select a beautiful butterfly candle favor. Summer wedding? Choose from mini lanterns with a tea light candle inside or adorable flip flop candles would be a fantastic choice. Edible wedding favors are not only fun, but easy to put together too.

Who doesn't love to receive a gift that they can eat? You can purchase mint tins that may be personalized to match the theme of the wedding then fill them with matching candies or other fun items. Having a beach wedding? Select a mint tin personalized with a palm tree in colors to match your wedding colors. Fill the tins with fun little candy like Skittles or Starburst that are available in tropical flavors. Will your wedding be held in December or January? Then fill the favor bags or tins with peppermint colors in red and white or green and white to match the season.

Wedding favors you can eat always go over very well with the guests that receive them. Another great idea to consider is to place an assortment of loose candy in bowls next to the favor bags with silver candy servers. Your guests can create their own edible wedding favor. This will be fun for your guests plus save you time too. The best way to select a wedding favor is to choose something that you, yourself would like to receive.

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