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What Women Want Most Girls Wish Their Boyfriends Would Take a Hint And Use These Romantic Ideas

Candle light. Roses. Teddy bears. Romantic ideas for women all seem to fall into certain clichés. There's a reason for that, however, we love that kind of thing! Most women wish their boyfriends would take a hint and use these cheesy ideas, because they can be very romantic.

If you're at a loss as to what to buy your girlfriend or do on a special occasion, pop in some old romantic comedies and start taking notes! 1) Dinner and a Movie It's not just for first dates any more—the dinner and movie combination gets a thumbs up in my book! If you want to take your leading lady out for a romantic evening, try this well-work road. A few little tweaks and you'll have her cooing. Yes, cooing.

It's a god thing, trust me. You can't pick just any burger joint if you want a little romance. Try dressing up in a tie for a fancy restaurant instead. If you're willing to pop open a semi-expensive bottle of wine, you'll melt her heart. Out of your price range? Instead of spending your hard-earned cash on a meal she may or may not enjoy, get out your chef's hat and try cooking something up yourself.

You should have a clue as to what her favorite meal is, but in case you haven't been paying attention, talk to her family or closest girl friends. As for the movie, try not to choose something that involves profuse amounts of blood and gore, involves guns and car chases, or puts you both to sleep. Chick flicks are great if you want to show her you care — I mean, you're willing to watch Matthew McWhoever fall head over heals with one of those famous Jennifer chicks for the sixth time! The movies never change, but if your attitude about them does, you'll get major brownie points. 2) Baby's Breath: The Kind that doesn't Smell like Milk Flowers are so cliché.

Girls still love them. Picking up some flowers on the way home from work or as you're driving over to your girl's apartment doesn't require a lot of energy, but can be the start of a very romantic evening. Flowers are great for any situation from "I'm sorry" to "Happy Birthday," so you really can't go wrong. Flowers, however, die. Sometimes they die very quickly.

Go beyond the typical grocery store bunch or single rose and purchase a nice vase to keep your gift fresh as long as possible. She'll notice the extra effort and honestly, extra effort in the relationship is what girls find most romantic. What kind of flowers should you buy? That depends on the girl and the occasion. Yellow roses typically indicate friendship, not love, so stay away from them by themselves, but everything else is pretty much fair game. Take notice when you're around flowers what your sweetheart seems to like best. If she has a favorite color, you can also look for flowers in that hue.

Valentine's Day or an Anniversary should make you choose roses, but other kinds of flowers can be nice as well. Go with your gut and ask the flower store owner or department manager for advice if you're totally clueless. Of course, make sure your girl isn't allergic before bringing anything home! 3) The Shirt off your Back The shirt off your back, literally, is probably one of the most romantic gifts you can give to a girl.

If she "steals" it, don't consider it a gift. You have to offer it. Why do girls want your clothing? Deflate your head, because it's probably not because of your fashion sense.

Girls covet their boyfriend's clothing, because it's a reminder of a boy when he's not around. Your clothes smell and feel like you and are usually oversized for your girlfriend, making these items great for sleeping on a lonely night. Before you offer her something, however, make sure it's gift-worthy. First, ask yourself if you're willing to give it away. A shirt you never wear really isn't a present worth giving, but your favorite sweatshirt may not be a good idea either.

Pick something in the middle, and make sure you won't miss it too much. Secondly, be sure it's in gift-giving state. Offering your favorite female a jersey that you just wore during a sweaty basketball game isn't very romantic. Something just out of the wash, however, won't smell like you. Spray some of your cologne on a hoodie and wear it over to her house, but take it off before it becomes too dirty.

She'll love it. And that's what being romantic is all about, right? Finding something she'll absolutely love.

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